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Oklahoma Psychological Association Opposes SQ 793

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Psychological Association (OPA) today announced it is opposing State Question 793, a November ballot initiative that would allow big box stores like Walmart to open optometry clinics within their retail spaces and dictate the scope of practice for their doctors. The OPA specifically opposes language within the initiative that allows corporate employers to sign agreements with doctors to “limit their practice.”

“Medical professions need to be governed by medical boards and by doctors,” said OPA President Dr. Lori Holmquist-Day. “It is not appropriate to allow non-medical corporations like Walmart to limit what procedures a doctor can do, what treatments a doctor can prescribe, or what equipment a doctor can use. That is true in psychology, in optometry and in any other field devoted to medicine, health and wellness.”

About the OPA:

The Oklahoma Psychological Association (OPA) was founded in 1946 for the purpose of advancing psychology as a science, profession, and as a means of promoting human welfare. Today, most of Oklahoma's psychologists belong to OPA and represent the diversity of psychology in its scientific, academic, research, and applied aspects. Through OPA, they work to promote research in psychology, the highest standards of quality and usefulness of applied psychology, and the dissemination of psychology to others. These goals are accomplished through annual conventions, sponsored workshops, liaison to governmental agencies and bodies, liaison to American Psychological Association, publications, peer review boards, continuing education opportunities, research grants, and community activities.

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