The best and brightest optometric physicians have for years considered Oklahoma to be a destination state to practice vision care. As a result, we are home to hundreds of optometric physicians with offices in almost all of Oklahoma’s 77 counties.

Unlike other states,Oklahoma’s optometric physicians have the latitude to provide full -service medical treatment to their patients. Eye doctors in Oklahoma perform cutting-edge procedures like laser eye surgery, and some even perform home visits. 

Due to great education and training programs, friendly rules and regulations, and strong professional trade representation, Oklahoma has experienced an influx of top-rated eye doctors.

State rules and regulations have been enforced by a specialized Board of Examiners governing Optometry, rather than by a consolidated medical board that has no experience in eye care.

Northeastern State University’s College of Optometry in Tahlequah Oklahoma has country's premier destination for eye doctors in-training.

Many people are familiar with the state’s rural doctor shortage. Less are familiar, with a glaring -- and happy! -- exception to this rule: doctors of optometry from across the nation are practically lining up for the chance to practice in Oklahoma.

The regulatory bar governing quality of care in Oklahoma has been set extremely high. Unlike in some states, optometry in Oklahoma is practiced only in medical settings rather than big box stores like Walmart.

Optometric physicians love Oklahoma's emphasis on medicine, rather than retail sales, and have responded by moving en masse to practice in Oklahoma.